Korff was born in Italy in the '70s and, thanks to high quality products, immediately establishes itself as a reference brand of cosmetics in Pharmacy.

The entry in 2009 within Ganassini Corporate allows the brand to acquire the dermatological knowledge and the attention to the purity of raw materials that has always distinguished the Institute.

In this way, Korff has achieved the perfect fusion between sensory elegance and avant-garde technology, succeeding in enhancing its two souls in all the products: the cosmetic soul and the scientific soul.

Brand Manifesto

Beauty as inspiration and aspiration. Korff creates innovative scientific solutions with fulfilling textures, perfumes and colours for a healthier and beautiful skin. This is the soul of Korff, committed to all women willing to choose efficient, innovative and safe products, together with deeper sensorial experiences. In Korff, beauty starts with science.

Brand Values



Our goal is to create highly sensorial products, characterized by pleasant textures and fragrances. Colors always in line with the trends that enhance eyes, lips, nails and complexion. Elegant and precious packaging: real jewels to be shown at any time of the day.



We work to create effective products that are valuable allies in the daily beauty routine.
Their effectiveness is proven and demonstrated by rigorous tests carried out that guarantee to the consumers the reliability of the products and the formulas used. 



We believe in scientific research as a source of innovation. The attention to the continuous updating of our formulas has allowed us to become a point of reference in the market of skin care products.



Consumer satisfaction is a priority for us. For this reason, on all our products, accurate chemical-physical and microbiological quality controls are performed as stability, compatibility, clinical, dermatological and ophthalmological tests.

In addition, all products are tested and checked for the verification of the levels of Nickel, Cobalt, Chromium, Palladium and Mercury, the main metals responsible for skin sensitization.